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Connected or Disconnected?


Technology has helped me become more active– I know that sounds a little backwards– but a good ‘words with friends’ game when I am feeling tuckered really can rev me back up, mentally & physically. But the downside is that sometimes we can become more involved in contacting and connecting with people via electronics & technology we do not do it in person: ie. texting someone in the same house… or even getting caught up in taking the perfect picture to ‘remember’ an event that you distance yourself from the event. I know on days I forgot my camera, although disappointed I would forget it, I was ‘extra’ present in the moment to try to memorize every detail so I could hold on to the memory.


Today’s Prompt:

  • “I wish this gizmo could track my condition!”  How has technology helped you in your own life? What does ease of use mean to you? 


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