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Perfectionism Means We’re Always Failing.


I was reading this blog today: Dear Babies: So You’re Saying There’s A Chance about perfectionism.

Perfectionism is a life-long aliment for me too. 🙂 I think of it this way… (I didn’t invent this, but don’t remember where I heard it from) When we place the bar for ourselves at perfection-level we will never reach it. We will always be far less than. And since we’ll fail every time, we will feel like a failure. -Solution: keep the bar at a realistic height- keep reaching for it. Better still- create different goals, different bars- some reachable, maybe one unattainable, but don’t measure yourself to it. Because we should never measure our worth by the image of what we should be. It feels terrible to always feel like a failure. So give yourself a chance & don’t beat yourself over the head with that perfectionism bar.



  1. tomlevac says:

    Important to remember that perfectionism can also stop you before you start ! If you think you can never meet perfection you may never get going! I’ve learned to start pushing 90% products out the door to prevent pushing out no products at all in both work and personal settings.

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