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Best Medicine from an iPhone: Ellen App & Why Laughter Helps All Disorders



Today’s Prompts:

  • Write about your favorite health iPhone app?
  • Write about your favorite social network. Do you love Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? Why?

My favorite iPone app is the Ellen App. While on the surface this may seem unrelated to health– laughter is the best thing for well, every ailment: it can help to alleviate symptoms of many mental health problems from brightening a depressed/sad/grieving moment to calming and anxious moment.

Even with all physical disorders there is a mental aspect… ie. the diabetic who suffers from low self esteem as a result of the weight gain or rigidity of a dietary plan. Or the person who lives with HIV/AIDS who fears and feels they may be unlovable. Or the parent whose child is sick and feels the weight of guilt and fear as their caregiver. Now, while they might not all experience this these are just some common reactions and emotions that people in these situations may go through. And what helps this? Well, many things…. but what I’m mentioning today is POSITIVITY. In any form, get positivity: from art, books, audios, church, prayer, talking to friends or the appropriate fellowships, or laughter.


I love Twitter for the hashtags. Although now they mean more than when they started… I still try to participate regularly in the #addictionchat on wednesday nights. They pose questions & we all discuss our opinions on it with the intention of helping a struggling addict/family member with information and solutions or simply help someone renew & maintain their recovery. I also post in the #pma (positive mental attitude) hashtag and #relationships regularly with the intent of simply “organizing” twitter by need so people can follow a hashtag, say #pma, & get a daily does of positivity from all different people around the world. & I appreciate this #HAWMC hashtag so we can stay in touch with other health activists & see what they’re writing about this month.

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