Mark Dworkin LCSW

Day 6: Today’s Prompt:

Ø  Write a letter to an older you (tell us what age you’re writing to!). What do you want to ask yourself? What lesson do you want to make sure you remember?

Ø  Write a letter to your condition – what do you want to get off your chest?


I’m 85.

Dear Mark,

Remember when you were in your late 50s and you saw how cruel and inhuman keeping your beloved mother-in-law alive was? Remember when you said to yourself that when your quality of life ends, you want life to end? Now, this is rationally and humanely speaking of course, and I’d like to donate my body to science. And this last piece I am equally adamant about: When I am put in the ground, before you say ‘Kaddish,’ somebody has to have a boom box and play “My Way” by Frank Sinatra.

Good Luck,


I suppose I could write a letter on many different topics which I help people with, but I chose to look into me- and have a little fun, and write to what currently bothers me the most today (and for that I am blessed.)

Dear Acid Reflux,

I will no longer eat too much and I will start eating five small meals a day. I will eat food that is easy to digest and take my medication. I will not let you give me esophageal cancer. It’s a painful way to die and I refuse to let you take me there. That ice cream is not worth it.




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