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Health Activist Blog Challenge #1



I was asked why do I write about health online and what got me started. Well when I was in college I suffered from depression and I got through it and it made me realize what people are capable of overcoming. It has become difficult for people with the change in health insuranceHMOs -who  make it prohibitive to go out of network to seek the best care for people’s disorders for them to get good treatment so today I am an advocate for mental health awareness and care for people who do not have the money or cannot get out to see a therapist. Although my videos and such are not a replacement for one-on-one therapy they are great adjuncts I can help you find your peace and overcome whatever you struggle with, be it depression, trauma, or lack of motivation at work: there is always hope and always a possibility and ability for change to occur.

You can see my audios & videos here on motivational & recovery topics, I hope it helps you too:


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