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Tips for Overcoming Depression


overcoming depression

Although there is no ‘quick fix’ for depression there are some small steps you can take to manage your symptoms. If you have trouble getting started, do the easiest task first. Read through the list and try what seems to take the least effort:

8 Easy Tips

  1. Talk to someone you can trust or feel comfortable in confiding in
  2. Listen to your favorite music or watch a favorite movie
  3. Exercise. Though you may not have the energy to do much if you are depressed, try going for a short walk, even just around your block/down the street
  4. Use positive self talk
  5. Imagine being your own coach
  6. Go to a place that you love like the beach or the mountains
  7. Go to your local house of worship and pray
  8. Write your thoughts down; what negative beliefs do you have about yourself? Then find reasons why these negative beliefs are not true. Can you find any exceptions to those thoughts? Can you confront your thinking pattern and find what may be a “distortion” For instance, maybe you wrote something similar to, “Nobody likes me,” or “I am unlovable.” Now think about the rational responses to our irratioanl emotions: do you have any friends who love you? Relatives? Anyone? (including your dog or cat) It is probably true that you are lovable but may have a tendency think in negative patterns. Notice those patterns and write them down. Keep confronting those negative thinking patterns; keep finding exceptions to them.

Further Reading

There is a book I really like by David D. Burns called The Feeling Good Handbook. It can be found at Barnes and Noble or it can be ordered through Amazon. It has many great ideas and suggestions.

Another great author is Jeffrey Young; he co-authored a book, Re-Inventing Your Life. That is another great resource.

More You Can Do

Please check out Mark’s Mental Health Store for helpful videos on topics such as: “Dealing with Depression,” “Control Bipolar Disorder,” “Build Your Teen’s Self Esteem,” and more.

If you have any questions or comments you can leave them here, on his Facebook page. or his Twitter feed. Or contact Mark email:




  1. Beautiful tips!
    You did a good job with this post!

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